Daniel Snyder Sells Commanders

Washington football fans will benefit the most from the sale of the Commanders since they will soon no longer be stuck with the NFL’s worst owner. But Snyder will also earn handsomely from the sale of his franchise before he is booted out.

In 1999, Dan Snyder purchased the Washington Redskins, one of the oldest, most popular, and (at the time) most successful clubs in the National Football League. Over the following 24 years, he drove the team into the ground by interfering with the on-field product, actively alienating local fans and media, taking a cheapskate approach to management, and presiding over a string of high-profile scandals off the field. He was a terrible businessman, and he sucked at the business of football in particular. Twenty years before Snyder took over, Washington won three Super Bowls; in Snyder’s 24 years as head coach, the team won just two postseason games.

Snyder will collect $6 billion as compensation.