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Jon Gruden Truly Believes He Will Re-Build The Raiders By Trading All Of His Picks Away

Upon his return to the Raider Nation, coach Jon Gruden’s first season back with the Raiders — in his hopes of rebuilding the once storied franchise — became more noted for the two trades and three first-round draft picks than the underperforming four victories.

The Raiders own the fourth, 24th and 27th picks in the first round of the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft with the latter two selections coming via trades with the Bears and Cowboys, respectively.

When asked if the late-round picks could be in play for a trade, Gruden said they could. And so could No. 4.

I think that’s one of the things I’m really excited about. Mike Mayock, what he brings to the table, he’s got great resources around the NFL. He’s been in every building, he’s on a first-name basis; everybody knows Mike. And I think he’s gonna be on the phones quite a bit, not only with those two picks you talked about, who knows, we may move up with the No. 4 pick, we may move back with that pick. We’ll see how it all unfolds.”

Gruden also believes the Raiders are in for a good off-season in terms of Free Agents but doesn’t want to overspend on anyone because he might just need to make a trade in the draft.

Obviously we’re not looking to add players that are at the end of their career, we’re looking for blossoming young players. Those guys usually don’t get to free agency. So the pickings are slim, for everybody, but there are a couple diamonds in the rough. We’ll see where the market goes. But you don’t want to spend all your money that you have on a few free agents, you want to try to keep some of that money available in case a trade might develop during the draft.”

Gruden, actually believes all of this is. It’s all just another step in his grand 10-year plan to rebuild the Raiders.

We’re really proud of obviously the tradition of the Raiders, but we’re very well aware we’ve got to fix the recent tradition. We’ve had one winning season in the last 16 seasons and it’s repulsive and we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re going to get there- Gruden on  “The Game Plan” podcast

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